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PCJC Covenant Keepers Fellowship

 PCJC is an exclusive fellowship of churches and ministries from all racial, cultural and denominational background. Our mission is to provide a magnetic force of encouragement through relational covenant. 


​​ PCJC offers fellowship and training to the local Pastor and its members to help promote success and progress in ministry. We serve as a beacon light that illuminates excellence in ministry.

We are a vehicle that compels the local church membership to commit to the covenant between God, the Pastor, the Fellowship and the Presiding Prelate. 


Bishop Hezekiah

Establishment of Enduring Covenant Relationships 

PCJC will encourage and provide accountable and honest relationship with Pastors, Ministers, churches and leaders. PCJC will strengthen the spiritual and personal ministry of all the lives involved in promoting God’s vision for the local church and fellowship. PCJC, Inc. offers opportunity for one on one guidance and a corporate accountability structure. 


Provision of Resources and Training  

 PCJC is committed to providing cutting-edge training and resources for personal and church ministry and fellowship growth and effectiveness. PCJC will offer a training and management team that will present 21st century ministry training and tools relevant to operating Kingdom Ministries. Our ultimate goal is to gear Pastors and church leaders with the essentials needed for an enduring and fulfilling ministry by promoting Bible-based preaching and a biblical approach to ministry. We will offer and encourage church and fellowship unity, prophetic ministry and healthy and fellowship church leadership through workshops/seminars and worship experiences. 

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What We Believe

  • God is the Creator of all that exists and the Body of Christ is the vehicle that God uses for impacting the world.

  • The Word of God is the standard for both the family and the nations and should not be compromised.

  • Everything we do must glorify God.

  • Members of the Body of Christ should be equipped for the Challenges of Life, the expectations of God and the demands of ministry.

  • What we do today affects future generations

​​ PCJC is a fellowship that promotes loyalty, dedication, and faithfulness to the local church and the local Pastor. PCJC also promotes loyalty, dedication and faithfulness to the Presiding Bishop and the Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ Fellowship. PJCJ serves as a support system to Pastors, churches, and ministries. 

PCJC offers information, counseling, training and fellowship. The ultimate goal of the PCJC is to assist in the growth and expansion of your church ministry. 

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What we believe
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